What to know before you ride.

While taxis, rideshares and other on-demand services are available at airports and major transportation hubs, they are not prominent or reliable services once in The Berkshires and likely will not be available to return you to the Albany Airport. Please book your seat in advance to ensure that your travel to and from your Berkshire location is as stress free as possible.


There are 2 shuttles a day each way.
There is currently no service on Tue & Sat, but please feel free to contact us to see if we can accommodate your request on these days.

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There's a convenient designated loading point at Albany Airport

We service over 40 optimal locations in Berkshire County. We will take you to any of them.

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Each passenger is allowed personal item such as a laptop, purse, backpack etc. and a one bag/ suitcase. For guidance 62 inches (length + width + height) and a weight of 50 pounds. Additional luggage can be added for a fee at checkout. Extra luggage cannot be added within 48 hours of your trip and should be added when booking your trip.

Leaving Berkshire County

Please be ready 1 hour before leaving at the scheduled time, the pickup will always be at reception, if you are not at reception, please make sure the front desk can reach you as the shuttle can only wait 5 minutes at each stop, as passengers for each trip may be being picked up at different locations.

Flying Into Albany Airport

Please only book a time at least one hour after your flight is due to arrive. The meeting point is by the far door in baggage claim next to baggage claim three, the driver will have be holding a sign that says, “Berkshire Shuttle.” While we try and accommodate late arrivals where possible, the shuttle may still have to leave on time due to consideration for other passengers and later scheduled trips.

Flying Out of Albany Airport

You should allow two hours (Airport's current recommendation) between drop time and plane departure. (Note all the Airline check-in desks are within 150 feet of each other.)


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